1C: Enterprise. ERP System Review

1C company positioning «Enterprise» as one of the flagship products. It is a basic configuration from 1C, those software completely produced by the company itself, and any improvements in a system should be made by official partners. Enterprise — just one kind of configuration, which is in constant support of the company, it has updates, etc.


For the basic configuration 1C has industrial versions in different areas. To fulfill specific customer improvements partner companies create any kind of industry solutions based on the basic configuration. They “build” the new version, designed for selected industries. Modified configuration gets name of industry for which it was written, and becomes a “box solution”.

Licensing of software produced by 1C for common ground, i.e. 1C users of other products may not buy any separate license for that system. Any license for example, different industries suited to this system. Naturally, the cost of licenses for these products is the same. It is important to understand that for industry-specific solutions may require a separate license from 1C partner companies. The price may be different from the base version. As with the other products, licensing is performed according to one of variants, for one computer (device), and for one user (connection from any device).


About 1C program is written very much. To get to it you can visit: http://1c-dn.com/1c_enterprise/what_is_1c_enterprise/


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