What CRM gives to all divisions of the company?


For the whole organization. First of all, it is to create a single information space due to the accumulation of all the information pertaining to the commercial activity of the company. It is the organization and control of business processes, when all the steps are interrelated, regulated and strictly consistent. CRM-system as a commercial service automation provides data to manage pricing, assortment, competition policy, personnel and marketing.


For sales. CRM in this case – the alpha and omega, it is conducted the work on the organization of communication with customers and counterparties, collects information for effective segmentation and future sales, carried out the work of sales managers transparent and accountable. The presence of CRM protects a company from losing its customer base – with the vice managers manage to struggle due to the flexible allocation of access rights to the system. With using CRM-system managers collect, interpret and structure the information about the relationship with customers.

CRM – a handy tool for collecting information which is necessary to managers and executives. Every manager during the work with customer captures detailed information about each contact and client details, ranging from details and ending phone calls, which are including with the use of CRM tools. It formed the most valuable piece of information – the customer base.


For the marketing department. With the development of online communication awarded to the company ready to make the most personalized offer scope for B2B and for B2C. Marketing actions (mailings, promotions, offers individual) should be based on information: customer segments, consumer profiles, SWOT-analysis, ABC-analysis. Some CRM also enable to collect and process of incoming leads.

What is marketing in one word? It is Information!

In fact, any marketing decision should be based on the information: the analysis range, profiles of customers, sales volume, sales stages, and external factors. Only in the case of integrated evaluation of the data and can obtain detailed analysis marketing decisions.


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