What does the process approach to management?

Any activity – are actions aimed at achieving the result, which is reflected in the fact that the system acquires a new state. Processes we have in the development, engineering, chemistry, and even sociology. However, each of us every day is a part of a work process. Proper process development and management in the company of any structure helps to ensure adequate interaction of employees, due to the responsibility and attention to deadlines. The process is at the basis of many fashion theories of company management and personnel development.


Business is aimed at making a profit from the production and sale of goods, services and works. But not every process is profitable. Any result (satisfaction of needs), but not profit.

How to get profit? It is necessary to improve the processes in the company:

  • Increase accuracy and speed of execution of the routine tasks by automating and reminder system
  • Increase the responsibility at each stage and to minimize the human factor due to the designation process owners, performers and transparent monitoring of the process performance
  • Make a predictable final result by accumulation of knowledge and resources within a project
  • Perform continuous monitoring of the quality and capacity improvements due to the continuous optimization of processes and their division
  • Involve all elements of an infrastructure and all employees by good planning on the basis of the previous results

Ultimately, process control reduces the cost of the final product, allows savings in the release and reallocation of resources, making the company work transparent, but remains flexible – you can always make changes to the process.


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